Are You a Procurement Officer? 5 Ways on How to Stand Out

Bogdan Büchner

Procurement profession is practiced by millions of people around; however, each and every one of them is unique. Knowing the series of activities that procurement has to carry out, and the features that are necessary to succeed in their roles makes it more fortunate. Only the most prosperous can display the characteristics in the midst of such diversity. These characteristics are worth hard work in our careers.

There are top five ways that will lead to success either when working in the organizations or when seeking to develop our careers.

Be professional in your communication

Communication is important in many business segments; however, it is completely critical for procurement. This is because we are at many times trying to sell ideas, change opinions and views, get thoughts across, and to do everything possible to be outstanding at communication. We do this by using power point, different types of communication, a wide range of media, styles, and messages among other ways.

Getting communications noticeable and on point, being able to stand above the company noise, and excelling in our preparation and rehearsing of communication is essential. To be able to do so, we need to set aside time for practicing and getting our messages correct.

Take the broader view

Procurement is sometimes blamed for being one dimensional. Therefore, as procurement professionals, we can get lapped up into providing targets that are only focused on price and lose sight of the bigger picture. This means that we should also be exceptional at maintaining a wider commercial perspective for the organization to operate effectively.

We should ensure that we have both short and long views in our sight. Most professional procurement officers take a step back and then determine what the business requires to achieve. These individuals seek to strike a balance between what most stakeholders argue about. When we maintain such a perspective, we will be able to achieve far much more than when we stick to only one-dimensional outlook.

One of the most valuable assets in procurement is the ability to view it as an industry that solves business problems and showing the aptitude of a business.

Be Flexible Like a Rubber Ball

Procurement is a complicated industry, and as the people bestowed with the responsibility of delivering value from the suppliers, we are more likely to feel the full weight of businesses on our shoulders as we try to improve the value we most aspire but which is difficult to achieve.

For us to be able to maintain high-performance levels, we have to maintain a high level of flexibility. This will help us to spring back and keep us on track. It is also necessary that we hold onto our main beliefs, and remain focused on the outcomes that we desire to achieve.

One of the requirements in the procurement industry is tenacity. This calls for you to prove your perseverance to remain in the field for long-term results and not short term achievements and glory.

Procurement Networking

The technical part in procurement is less complex than the people stuff. This means that networking is compulsory to identify those who can make decisions and opinions. This will enable us to also know their issues and agendas.

To progress on our goals, it is helpful to know people, what their needs and concerns are, and then proceed to reach out to them both to influence and support them. It is equally important to note that this is not a one-way street. However, the relationships we form are precious. This calls for us to maintain and manage our relationship resources similarly to how we manage time. Therefore, show how you value your network and how it helps you to improve your performance in procurement.

Know your Employees

It is necessary to have someone who has a great understanding of business and can make a good example regarding business issues. Your employees should have a wide knowledge of what happens in a market, how it affects the business and providing possible answers by considering the long term and short term effects. However, there is a range of possibilities with stakeholders united or neutral with a well-thought plan of action.

Bringing real skill to an organization is seen as an advantage. Having a good understanding of procurement quality and the disadvantages of buying in markets is important. All of the above call for knowledge and individual vision for skills and qualities to develop in this area. You should take time to communicate and get responses from others. This will have a great impact in giving a positive step in how we are perceived.

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