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Do you accept end user as a customer?

Yes, we do accept end user. As a customer, you can pick and choose what item you see fit on our E-commerce website.

What makes commercial grade products better than local retail products?

Although local products are more accessible, the quality of said products might not last as long. As for our product, we specialise in commercial grade products. Providing our customers with the best of product. Our product is built to withstand fire and time, as our products can last more than 5 years with care and maintenance.

What services do you provide?

We provide delivery and onsite installation, if required. Our staffs are highly trained and equipped, so there is no need to worry. We also provide pick up services, for the ease of our customer.

Do you produce customised products?

Yes, We can. As our customer, you will be able to customise an existing item or provide us with a design of your choice.

Do you accept consignment items?

No, we do not accept or sell consignment items for clients.

How to place an order and is there a minimum order in place?

Our website will have a link to our ecommerce website, for the ease of our customers. You can place orders there. Or if you prefer through one of our sales team, you can contact us through whatsapp or email us at . As for minimum orders, there are none set.

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