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 Budget Management & Tracking

Simply keep your budget under control!

You can track expenses against pre-defined budget limits. You can monitor all your expenses at a glance and allow users to create purchase orders without going over budget. Find out how to use a product catalogue, how to track deliveries and invoices.

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Tutorial 1: How to use Purchase Orders

  • Create Purchase Orders

  • Amend Purchase Orders

  • View Purchase Orders

  • Approve Purchase Orders

  • Void Purchase Orders

  • Close Purchase Orders


Tutorial 3: Important Features

  • Use the Flag Feature

  • Use the Bypass Feature

  • Use the Item Multiplier

  • Use the Component Feature

  • How to use chart of accounts feature

  • How to setup approval levels


Tutorial 4: Administration Settings

  • How to set up your personal settings

  • How to invite new users

  • Automatic Supplier Notification

  • Quickbook Integration

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