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Purchase Order Software 
Made Unthinkably Easy

This Digital Purchase Order Software and Online Procurement System is the fastest and most simple approach to manage your purchasing workflow. Simply create and approve POs from anywhere, let DPO manage your customized approval chain, track deliveries and invoices, approve invoices, take advantage of multiple customizations and integrate directly with Quickbooks Online.


The Software that your purchasing workflow need.

For various industries, currencies and countries

This generic purchase order software works with user-defined modules and can be used in various industries, currencies and countries.

Synchronizing anywhere

DPO's mobile purchase order apps work as powerful as your desktop computer. Simply request, approve and track everything on the go.

Fully Customizable

Digital Purchase Order offers more than 200 customization options. Make this purchasing software unique just for your company. 

Here’s how Digital Purchase Order Software works.

On average, our users need less than 60 seconds to create a PO and less than 5 minutes to get a final approval


CUSTOMIZE​ your PO book


Customize your Purchase Order book with more than 200 setting options.


Create POs instantly through your mobile device or your web-browser and take advantage of an easy to use interface to generate Purchase Orders.



An approver can instantaneously accept or decline a Purchase Order request or send the PO back to a previous approver.


Review all your costs precisely to the minute and 24/7.



Track your receiving and match it against your Purchase Order items. DPO will automatically recognize once a Purchase Order is fully delivered.


Match invoices against your Purchase Orders. You can match invoices either per line item or against the total PO amount.



Customize your own invoice approval chain and send your invoices for an AP Approval.

Automatic Quickbooks Online INTEGRATION

Synchronize your Quickbooks Online items, your chart of accounts, classes and your vendor information with DPO instantly and transfer POs back to Quickbooks Online automatically once they are final approved. 

On a Tablet

Simply don't go over budget

Over 100.000 user trust Digital Purchase Order

The software is easy to use, very self explaining and is for us (with multiple properties in different locations) a very important tool. With the tool you can not only see the amount of money and the supplier for the wanted order, but aswell see the approval workflow and structure it by department or budget. Since the PO Books are staying in the system, we are also able to see the history of a purchase order from a different year.

Rebecca Stitz


We've been using DPO for over four years now, and extremely satisfied with the product. It was the only SaaS based PO application that met all our requirements for generating PO's from three different offices with minimal setup.

Priya Saluja

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