Purchasing Software, fully in sync anytime.

Digital Purchase Order makes it easy to create requests, approve expenses, and track your complete purchasing history within seconds, even on the go. This purchasing software will adjust to you.

You can keep things simple or create complex requirements - Digital Purchase Order can handle both.

These features have made DPO an award winning software three years in a row!

Take a look at our best features

Mobile apps
DPO is available from anywhere through mobile apps for iOS & Android.
Powerful filters
Search and filter to see only the Purchase Orders relevant to you.
Data security
Your data is encrypted both in-transit and at-rest.
Automate your purchasing process through a customized approval chain.
Customize PDF
Customize the PDF by adding your company logo, changing colors, or including your Terms and Conditions.
CSV export
Export your project data into a CSV file for integration into other software.
Import your data
Bring your existing lists of vendors, users, department names, budgets, catalogue, and chart of accounts.
Attach files
Add PDFs, images and office documents to your Purchase Order.
Supports all currencies and allows you to configure custom exchange rates.

Your purchasing history in one place

Say goodbye to endless email communications, shared excel files, lost documents, or missing Purchase Order numbers.

Stay connected, anywhere

Digital Purchase Order keeps you in sync anywhere you go. Simply create purchase orders, approve expenditures, or add attachments on your mobile. This purchasing software needs less than five minutes on average to get a final approval.

Your benefits:

  • Native mobile apps available for Android and iPhone
  • Access your information from anywhere
  • Maximize productivity with instant notifications

Automation, not administration

Digital Purchase Order streamlines your complete approval process. Tell DPO how your approval chain works and the purchasing software will take care of the administrative work and circulation of purchase orders.

Your benefits:

  • Assign individual approval and amendment rights to each user
  • Set individual approval chains for each department
  • Create minimum and maximum net totals for each approval level

Full transparency and traceability

Digital Purchase Order tracks all of your activities seamlessly. Any amendments will be recorded by DPO with user-defined time stamps. This prevents unauthorized activity and keeps your purchasing workflow transparent.

Your benefits:

  • Complete PO numbering guaranteed β€” you won't lose any Purchase Order ID
  • Amend purchase orders effortlessly and review all revisions in one place
  • Never lose any quotes, invoices, images, or office documents connected to a purchase order

Customize your own purchasing software

Digital Purchase Order offers more than 200 customization options. Make this purchasing software unique just for your company.

Your benefits:

  • Create user-defined field names and customized approval chains
  • Redesign your PDF and include your company logo
  • Add your own Terms & Conditions to each Purchase Order

Accounting package integration

Digital Purchase Order can integrate with your accounting package. Currently we offer:

  • CSV export
  • QuickBooks Online sync
  • Cast & Crew PSL+ sync

We can also offer professional services to help you integrate with other packages.

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