Best Practices for Purchase Order Control

Bogdan Büchner

In order for a business to be successful, it is crucial that the company is set up in a way where any and all purchases are controlled. One way that acquisitions are often monitored is through purchase orders. Unfortunately, some companies are not as clear and obvious about the purchases they have made. It’s hard to tell where all the accounting is going, which is why place adequate control is important as well. Below is a list of the best ways for a company to make purchasing both effective and successful.

For starters, the business can have a software program put into their computers at the office. This is actually the most effective way to keep an eye on purchasing as every step taken is carefully tracked with this program. There is nothing in this process that will get bypassed. Then, there is the option of separation of duties. This is when all purchasing responsibilities are handed off to certain individuals to get the job done. This practice will make sure that no one person has complete control over a company’s purchasing. This is ultimately very vital because without this practice, corruption and theft is more likely to occur. Here, one person can be in charge of purchase approvals, while another individual takes on approving invoicing. There is always someone here to monitor what the rest of the staff is saying and doing, which makes it a very productive step that any company can take to control purchasing.

Then, there is accountability. This is another practice that will help a company properly control their purchasing. Unlike any other method, though, this one is done through purchase reviews and approvals. When a purchase is made, there must be signed agreements and contracts in place. The company also has to follow any ethics involved with buying. That includes getting reviews done periodically and taking a look at transactions for accuracy. Payments must also be made on time to the suppliers. If accountability isn’t taken for purchase order control, the business may end up experiencing deceitful purchasing.

Providing security for a business’ assets is another method that can aide in a company’s monitoring of purchases. There are a lot of times when products or goods simply disappear without any word on what happened to it right after being purchased. Once the inventory is controlled in a safe spot, this won’t happen anymore. These products should only be left in the hands of staff members who are authorized. Not anyone should be accessible to them. These authorized staff members must also get the job of maintaining and updating any and all inventory records. This way it is always clear what’s in stock and what’s unavailable. With purchase order software in place, this step will be much more accurate and reliable than anything else that a person could do by hand.

When going through invoices and purchase orders from suppliers, this has to be done in a timely fashion. If it is done as this information comes on, the company won’t experience any problems controlling their purchases. However, purchase order control becomes a lot harder when it is rushed. The staff needs time to properly see what’s going on and where every purchase leads. With purchase order control in place, though, the business becomes a lot more productive overall as well as profitable. As long as practices like accountability and separation of duties are put into place, a company can really take procurement of their purchasing. With purchase order approval software, all these practices are made that much easier thanks to the new digital times.

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