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Whether you are running a business or managing a project, you don’t want to go over budget. With this cloud based expense management system you can instantly create and approve Purchase Orders and use the system via the web browser or mobile apps.

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Here’s how Digital Purchase Order works.

On average, our users need less than 60 seconds to create a PO and less than five minutes to get a final approval.

PO invite users

Customize your Purchase Order project and invite co-workers or suppliers.

Receive POs

Employees submit Purchase Orders through the web browser or mobile apps.

Receive PO Approval

Approver can instantaneously accept or decline the Purchase Order request.

View Purchase Order Reports

Review all your costs precisely to the minute and track payments 24/7.

Take a look at our best features.

Mobile Apps

DPO is available from anywhere through mobile apps for IOS, Android & Blackberry.

24/7 view

DPO updates your costs in real time. Make use of various filter options.

SSL Security

We secure and encrypt all your data through a specialized SSL Certificate.

CSV Export

Export your project data into a CSV file and continue working with them.

All currencies

DPO supports all currencies and also allows custom exchange rates.

DPO is an Award Winning Software.


What our customers say about us.

Well done with this. It is a logical and simple digitization of the paper version, with the benefits of remote approval etc, but without getting too complicated.

Managing costs is very important and Purchase Orders are the best tool for that if used properly. It has been crying out for a digital update like this.


Film Industry

I had never imagined, managing an e-procurement software could be that simple.



Simplicity Logic. IS useful indeed, first PO System that works even without a team of 100s of extra personnel.


Hotel Industry

The success of DPO is significant for the fast moving innovative digitalization in the industry.


Event Industry