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most simple & 
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Digital Purchase Order is a full procurement software, where you can create, approve Purchase Orders, track deliveries, match invoices and finalize the workflow with an AP Approval. This award winning software exists since 2012 and operates in 190 countries worldwide.


Say Goodbye To Paper & Excel Sheets

Fast & Easy

On average, our clients need less than 60 seconds to create a PO and less than 5 minutes to get a final approval.

Works On All Devices

DPO's mobile purchase order apps for IOS and Android work as powerful as your desktop computer. Simply request, approve and track everything on the go.

Simple Interface

DPO keeps your screen clean and just focuses on the important elements. That's why this is an award winning software.

Casual Meeting

Over 60.000 registered user -
"DPO is logical, simple and intuitive"

Here is how Digital Purchase Order works


Frequently asked questions


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