Choose your DPO pricing package

You have the option between a monthly, biannual or annual subscription model.

Basic Edition

$19.00per month

  • Up to 3 Users
  • Up to 50 P.O.s
  • $0,20 (net) for every additional P.O.
  • Free mobile Apps & SSL Security
  • Basic Online Support

Standard Edition

$39.00per month

  • Up to 6 Users
  • Up to 150 P.O.s
  • $0,20 (net) for every additional P.O.
  • Free mobile Apps & SSL Security
  • One-on-one Online Support

Executive Edition

$79.00per month

  • Up to 10 Users
  • Up to 300 P.O.s
  • $0,20 (net) for every additional P.O.
  • Free mobile Apps & SSL Security
  • One-on-one Online & Phone Support

Premium Edition

Email usfor further information

  • Choose # of users
  • Choose # of POs
  • Choose company package deals
  • Get DPO on your own server
  • Premium Admin Support

A few questions about our pricing packages

We offer the best pricing for a small business as well as for big corporations.

How long does it take to activate a DPO project?

If you pay with credit card or via paypal, your project will be available within a few minutes.

Can I run multiple projects but pay one license fee only?

It depends how you would like to split the number of Purchase Orders and Users. For further details please contact us by emailing to

I would like to start with a free trial. Do I need to switch to a new project, once I buy a paid license?

You can keep working in your existing setup. If you would like to extend your trial, simply go to the admin section, select the tab “project information” and press the “extend license” button.

How can I extend a license?

Please go to the admin section and select the tab “project information”. Here you will be able to extend your license, upgrade to another package or buy additional purchase orders.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my license?

If you would like to upgrade your license you can do that any time through the “project information” tab in the admin section. For downgrade requests, please contact

Is there an automatic extension of my license?

No, we won’t charge you through an automatic extension. If you would like to continue with our service, you must click on the “extension button” and follow procedure.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay either with credit card or via Paypal. Alternatively you can request an invoice and pay by bank transfer. In that case the activation of the license will be delayed by 1-2 days.

Is there an additional fee for the mobile apps?

No, all mobile apps are available for free in the app stores.

Can you send me an invoice for the DPO license?

Yes. If you are a corporation, small business or a freelancer and you need an invoice, please send an email to

Is there a way to skip the VAT charge?

It depends. Please send an email to for further information.

Are there additional pricing options?

If the current pricing plans don’t meet your requirements, please send an email to We will check, what we can do for you.