How to use the flag feature?

This is a quick introduction on how to flag purchase orders.

This feature is quite useful, especially if you would like to categorize your POs within the View section. Flagging POs can be completely customized. You can name the purpose of the flag yourself, without any limitations, or you can generate multiple user-defined flags in different colors.

To activate this feature, please go to the Administration section and select the “Flags” tab. You can add a new flag at the top, then give it a name and color. However, please ensure that you can flag POs. To check this, go to the Administration section, click on the “Users” tab, and edit your profile. In here, you can tick the checkbox “Can flag POs”.

With this set up, you can then go back to the View section, where you will see the corresponding flags on the right. Simply press the flag button to categorize a particular PO.

If you want to search POs by flags, just open the advanced search filter and click on the particular flag to begin your search. As you can see, DPO displays all POs with the selected flag button.

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We hope that you enjoyed this video. Please also check out our other video tutorials on the main tutorial page.