How to use the catalogue?

The catalogue feature especially makes sense for those companies that frequently buy the same items. Instead of manually typing item details repeatedly, you can predefine your item information and make it accessible via a dropdown list when creating a purchase order.

To activate this feature, please go to the Administration section and select the “Catalogue” tab. Here, you can add items or organize them by category. Creating categories is quite simple: Just enter a name and a description and make sure to activate the visibility at the bottom. You even have the option to use sub-categories. Simply name your existing superordinate category in Line Two. The system will recognize your data entry and suggest matches in the dropdown field.

Once this is done, you can add your items. Simply enter the item name, select your category from the dropdown field and add your item description. In the middle section, you can assign this new item to an expenditure type, as well as add pricing information. If you do not want to share pricing information, you can keep the price hidden. However, please keep in mind that pricing information can only be hidden when you create POs. In the View section, they will be visible again. If you do not want this, please ensure that the corresponding users have no permission to see any POs. To do this, go to the Administration section and select the “User” tab. In here, you can limit visibility rights to “No purchase orders”.

Last but not least, any item can be assigned to a list of account codes if you have already saved them. If not, please go to the “Chart of accounts” tab in the Administration section and generate account codes first.

At the bottom, you even have the option to lock item information. This means that no data that you have entered here can be changed when creating a PO. By the way, you can also lock this whole catalog list by ticking the corresponding checkbox at the top. In this way, users cannot create new items but must select pre-existing items from this list when they create a new PO.

If you have a large number of items, a manual data entry might be too time-consuming. Therefore, we recommend using our data import sheet. You can find this sheet in the Administration section in the “Import” tab. Simply download the spreadsheet, copy and paste all relevant information into it, and send it to We will then take care of the rest.

Once everything has been imported successfully, creating a new PO is quite simple. Select your department and vendor information, then go to the Item section. In here, click “Add new items”. The only thing that remains is to type your item name. DPO will immediately suggest matching items and categories in a dropdown field. If you select one of these options, the system will automatically populate all of the fields. You simply need to enter the quantity, and your PO will be ready to go.

If you have any further questions, please send us an email to or give us a call on 1.888.376 7254. We can also arrange a demo appointment with you. Simply contact us via email, and we will schedule a call at your earliest convenience.

We hope that you enjoyed this video. Please also check out our other video tutorials on the main tutorial page.