How to close Purchase Orders?

Closing POs is a helpful tool if a transaction has been completed and you would like to move these POs to a separate list. In this way, you can concentrate on all of the other POs, where you either have not received the full deliveries or you do not have all item-related invoices.

To activate this feature, please visit the Administration section and select the “Users” tab. In here, you can edit the profiles of relevant users by ticking the checkbox “Can close POs”.

Once you hit the “Save” button, you can go back to the View section. In here, you will find a checkmark button on the right of each PO. Once you press this button, the PO will be moved to the “Closed” folder. You have access to this folder via the filter box at the top right.

One last tip: DPO is able to auto-close POs. To select the right option for you, please go to Administration and select the “PO settings” tab. In here, scroll down to the “Auto-close purchase orders” section. DPO can close POs automatically once they are either fully delivered, fully invoiced, or both. You also have the option to automatically re-open closed POs if the selected conditions are no longer being met. Please note that the auto-close feature for fully invoiced POs works with the advanced invoice mode only.

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