Simplicity occurs when complexity has been managed well.

You will be surprised how fast you can get started with Digital Purchase Order.

Learn how to setup your PO System in minutes!

You will find in the PO video tutorial section below a small insight into our admin section. You will need a few minutes to get through all features there. However, this anticipated work will pay off while you are running the project.

  • Users will be able to enter a PO faster because they can simply choose terms from a drop down list.

  • The approval process will speed up, since the system will take care of instant notifications.

  • You don’t need to circulate a PO from one approver to the other. The system will do that automatically according to your settings.

  • A final approved Purchase Order can be emailed to the vendors automatically. That saves time for other things.

Digital Purchase Order Video Tutorials

Please review our video tutorials. There is a general section on how to use the PO system and also specialized videos for the admin section.

Here is how Digital Purchase Order works



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