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 How to use Purchase Orders

You can submit Purchase Orders through the web browser or mobile app.


In this tutorial we give you an overview how to create, amend, view, approve, void and close a Purchase Order.

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Tutorial 2: Budget Management

  • Set up and manage Budgets

  • Set up a catalogue

  • Track deliveries

  • Track invoices


Tutorial 3: Important Features

  • Use the Flag Feature

  • Use the Bypass Feature

  • Use the Item Multiplier

  • Use the Component Feature

  • How to use chart of accounts feature

  • How to setup approval levels


Tutorial 4: Administration Settings

  • How to set up your personal settings

  • How to invite new users

  • How to setup approval levels

  • How to use chart of accounts feature

  • Automatic Supplier Notification

  • Quickbook Integration

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